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• Lateral and pre-ischial shelf contoured, high-density molded foam base

• Multi-layer, viscoelastic foam insert under at risk bony areas

• CoolCore® technology cover standard.

• Urethane liner for incontinence,4-Way Stretch Poly liner optional

• Sizes available – 16” – 32”W x 16” – 28”D

• Custom sizes available

• Optional Stealth-Tek, Mesh

Powered by CoolCore:

What is CoolCore®

• Chemical Free material

• UPF/Flammability rated

• 4-Way Stretch nylon interlock with Elastane

• Patented combination of chemical-free blends that deliver 3 distinct functions:

Moisture Wicking to Moisture Transportation to Moisture Evaporation.

• CoolCore® Technology is exclusive to Stealth Products.

• Year Round Temperature Control

• CoolCore fabrics wick moisture away from the body in every direction keeping you dry and comfortable no matter what season it is.

• Breakthrough Technology

• Research driven, patented fabrics from Coolcore are chemical-free and yield remarkable benefits.

• They cool better, last much longer and offer protection from the suns harmful rays (UPF).

Spectrum Foam SPP

  • Lateral and pre-ischial shelf contoured, high density molded foam base
  • Multi-layered, viscoelastic foam insert under at-risk bony areas
  • Coolcore technology cover (Standard)
  • Urethane liner for incontinence 4-way stretch poly liner (Optional)
  • Sizes Available: 16in/32in Wide by 16in/28in Depth
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Stelth-Tek/Mesh (Optional)

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For more information please contact:

Dave Hollman
Sales Co-Ordinator

Colin Hollman
Inside Sales