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Includes: QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE Cushion, two-way stretch cover, hand inflation pump, repair kit, and operating instructions. Optional Heavy Duty cover available.

Construction: flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex)

Height: 4.25 in. / 10.25 cm without loadWidths12.75 in. / 32.5 cm to 24.25 in / 62.5 cm

Weight: Varies by size, approximately 3.5 lbs. / 1.6 kg (based on size QS99C)

Weight Limit: There is no weight limit, yet the cushion must be properly sized to the individual.

Warranty for Cushion: 36-Month Limited Warranty, Cover: 6-Month Limited Warranty

Accessories: Accessories that can be used with the QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE Cushion:
IFC Clip, Contour Base, Planar Solid Seat Insert and Cushion Retainer.

Roho Quadtro Select High Profile Cushion

Select Series cushions set the standard for performance in wheelchair seating.

With the ability to customize the fit with the push of a button, the revolutionary ISOFLO® Memory Control offers shape-fitting capabilities while you’re seated. You will no longer have to sacrifice maximum skin/soft tissue protection to get stability, positioning or convenience.

  • The QUADTRO SELECT HIGH PROFILE is adjustable to your shape and weight and will adjust to changes in your position over time.
  •  Easy to handle and carry, at just 3.8 lbs/1.7 kg (QS99C). Varies by size. 
  • Cushion can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  •  The flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex) cushion can be patched or repaired to extend its use. 

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