Lift more, work harder and recover faster.

Take your fitness to the next level with Congdon’s sports medicine products. We carry a variety of popular medical grade sports products including muscle tapes, elastic bandages and muscle mist.

Sports medicine products:

– Sports compression garments

– Urban walking poles

– Pain reduction sprays and ointments

– Kinesiology tape, wraps, and elastic bandages

– Exercise tubing

– Posture aids

– TENS units

– Massage units

– Supports and braces for wrists, knees, ankles, back, shoulder, and hernia

– Slings

– Insoles

– Removable air walker boots

– Moist heat pads

– Exercise rolls

If you would like assistance choosing the right product or service don’t hesitate to contact Congdon’s.

With over 40 years of experience under our belt, we know what you need to make an informed decision about the healthcare needs that best suit you and those you’re caring for.