Australian Sheepskin Apparel (AMS) produces the finest quality medical grade sheepskin products.

It provides pressure reduction to all body surfaces, reduces shearing as the wool fiber moves with skin tissue, absorbs excess moisture to the absorbent leather back, keeping skin dry and healthy. It is effective as a treatment for wounds, burns, surgical and infectious related wounds.

Australian Medical Sheepskin accelerates wound healing, moisture and microbial absorbent, reduces pressure, reduces shearing, allows oxygenated blood flow, allows antibiotics to be effective, maintains body temperature at 37C / 98.3F and washable to infection control standards.

The areas for use with AMS are endless and in so many categories. Prevention of bed sores with natural sheepskin is a well-known fact, but AMS goes on to be effective in treating pressure, moisture and shearing related wounds, trauma, burns, surgical and infectious wounds. Further, AMS goes on to be effective for diabetic wounds, cellulitis, and oedema, also venous or arterial insufficient wounds. Arthritis sufferers for sleeping and prevention of recurring wounds once healed.

Australian Medical Sheepskin is simple to use, cost saving, time saving, eco-friendly.  Extremely effective when compared to traditional products in healthcare. Better results in a shorter time frame.  Patient comfort.