Improving individuals functional and adaptive behaviour with aids to promote independent safe living. Congdon’s now sells and services home accessibility products, from stair chairs to ceiling lifts and home care beds, always working to promote independent, safe living.

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When her life changes, she will trust us to encourage her to be herself, fit her and guide her with information and products she needs to navigate that change easily – knowing that feeling comfortable is crucial to a woman’s overall wellness.

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Your leg health depends on Compression Therapy. Compression stockings improve circulation while helping to minimize and control leg and ankle swelling – designed to improve your quality of life, not inhibit it

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Congdon’s offers a full range of services including delivery, rentals, product installations and club/team fittings.

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At Congdon’s, we are more than just a store.

Now in its 50th year of business, let Congdon’s experienced staff provide you with expert advise so you can make the right decision about the healthcare needs that best suit you and those you’re caring for.

Our excellent customer service team is devoted to providing you with the highest quality service and products. We are here to listen, advise and educate customers, caregivers and healthcare professionals alike. When visiting your home or establishment, we come well equipped with knowledge, compassion and respect. We look forward to working with you and welcoming you as a part of the Congdon’s family!


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Seniors Day (55yrs+) 10% off all retail items (excluding Accessibility, Powered Mobility Products, Beds & Lift Chairs), last business day of each month.

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